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      About us

    Gaochuang 10 years of brand road, global sales, the company closely followed the development of testing technology, boldly adopt high-tech, absorb high-tech professionals, increase investment in technology research and development, committed to the improvement of internal quality of instruments, excellence, honesty and trustworthiness, so that Gaochuang Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. and its series of testing equipment have been developed rapidly.

    Business philosophy of "Quality-Oriented, Honesty-Oriented, Innovation-Oriented And Sincere Service".

    Management characteristics
    Gaochuang Inspection Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the humanistic principle of people-oriented and customer-oriented. The company takes good conditions to recruit talents and provides broad development space and promotion opportunities for every employee. The simple, efficient and warm management mode makes every employee full of vitality and makes the company full of vitality.
    In order to better develop and serve customers, expand service space and improve service efficiency, the company has initially formed a good situation of giving priority to technical support, supporting services and jointly serving customers.
    The development of the company can not be separated from the support of employees and the care of customers. Gaochuang Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "quality-oriented, honesty-oriented, dedicated to innovation, sincere service", the quality principle of "excellence, pursuit of excellence", and serve the customers with the greatest enthusiasm and positive attitude.

    Scope of Business: R&D, production and sales of testing equipment series: mechanical durability reliability testing series, environmental reliability testing series, surface reliability testing series, electrical performance testing series, signal testing series, other testing series.

    Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.

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